Brusho Accessories Kit

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Brusho Accessories Kit – 1x Brusho® Basics Book, 1x Aquawax 100ml, 1x Brusho® Thickener, 1x Wax Resist Sticks Pack of 5

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Set of fantastic Brusho® Accessories. Brusho® Basics by Isobel Hall is a book by this talented artist who demonstrates how to use Brusho® Crystal Colour for mixed media, painting and textile embellishment. Aquawax is a ready to use liquid wax ideal for paper batik and resist techniques. Brusho® Wax Resist Sticks are ideal for creating striking resist effects when combined with Brusho® Crystal Colours for example sunlight on water and picket fencing. Brusho® Crystal Colour can be thickened using Brusho® Thickener. It can then be applied in glazes of colour, used as a printing medium and also added to other mediums such as Adva Print Pearl Medium, Golden Mediums etc. It also works well with resist techniques.

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