Drawing Ink with Dropper Bottle 28ml Assorted – 12 x 28ml

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Drawing Ink 28ml Assorted – 12 x 28ml

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Superb quality, brilliantly coloured range of water-resistant inks. Totally intermixable and light fast. For use with brush, dip pen, technical pen, for airbrushing, transparent washes, diluted colour layering etc. The black drawing ink dries to a dense black and is therefore ideal for exam work etc. Non toxic. VOC, Oil and Solvent free. Wheat and Gluten free. Acid free. UK Manufacture.

Assorted 12 x 28ml Set with dropper bottles
1 each: Lemon, Yellow, Scarlet, Orange, Crimson, Purple,
Violet, Ultramarine, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Dark Brown,

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Made in Sheffield