Dytek Procion Fibre Reactive MX Fabric Dye 6 x 10g – Complete Starter Kit

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Dytek Procion Fabric Dye 10g – Complete Starter Kit (MX-GRN)

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Dytek Procion Fibre Reactive MX Fabric Dyes – An extremely intense vibrant range of 32 intermixable, permanent, colourfast dyes for cellulose (plant) fibres: Cotton, Calico, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Flax, Hemp, Jute, Sisal and also Silk (Also Polyester/Cotton mixes to lighter shades) Ideal for immersion dyeing, tie dyeing, ice dyeing, printing, graduation dyeing, twisting, sponging and design work on paper. Non Toxic Why are they called Procion ‘reactive’ dyes? Due to a chemical bonding ‘reaction’ between the dye molecules and the fabric that, in effect, makes them part of the fabric. This is why, unlike, direct dyes, they are so permanent.

Procion Dye Ordering Guide:

PASTEL SHADE 1g – Per 100g Fabric (Dry weight)

MEDIUM SHADE 2g – Per 100g Fabric (Dry weight)

DEEP SHADE 4g – Per 100g Fabric (Dry weight)

For Black and very intense shades use double the quantity of dye and add salt..

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